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Where Can I Attend Worship?

The church building, located at 100 Alderman Road, holds a service at

10:15am on Sunday mornings. Although it is possible to walk there

from the UVA dorm area (approximately fifteen minutes), we

regularly carpool to church on Sunday, and to that end, we offer

a shuttle to church. We'd love to have you join us!


Someone will be waiting at the bottom of Bonnycastle Drive

(we've marked this location on the map below as a blue "1")

until 10:03 AM before heading to St. Mark. A second car will idle

in front of the gym/aquatic center until 10:05 AM (red "2") and

then drive to church.


St. Mark is an RIC Congregation; all are welcome.


Sunday worship:

10:15 am



Faith Formation:
(adults and children)
9:00 am September - May




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