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Daily discipleship and daily faith practices are an essential part of Christian life and growing in faith. We have two adult Sunday School classes each Sunday to spur this growth in faith. There are also resources that you can use at home at Feed My Faith.

One adult class meets in the Student Room to study books, discuss videos, have conversations on current topics in the news, and have presenters on topics of interest to the class.


The second adult Sunday School class is a Lectionary Bible study led by Pastor Viktoria Parvin and Pastor Larry Closter, meeting in the Library. This group gathers to pray and to read and discuss the Revised Common Lectionary lessons used at Sunday worship.

We are in year B of the three years’ rotation of the lectionary, which begins with the season of Advent and is completed at the end of Time After Pentecost. Each year, we look at different lessons from the Old Testament, the letters of Paul and different gospels. Each time we discuss the Bible readings for the Sunday, we can better hear the hymns supporting the readings, the sermon based on the Gospel and go deeper in hearing God’s Word speaking to us through the Scripture.

Who are those Christians whose Scripture explorations are guided by the Revised Common Lectionary? Not only ELCA Lutherans, but also Baptist Churches, USA, Disciples of Christ, Episcopal Church in the United States of America, Moravian Church in America, Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, Presbyterian Church USA, Reformed Church in America, United Church of Christ, United Methodist Church, and Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship. Reading the same lectionary connects us with other Christians and denominations not just in the US, but throughout the world. We are connected each Sunday by listening to the same Scripture and often the very same passage.

No preparation or Bible knowledge necessary to join the class. Come and get engaged in attentive listening, gentle conversation and fellowship around God’s word.