college ministry

Pastor Viktoria with past Campus Ministry President Ginny Hancock, President Ashley Hauser, and Treasurer Nano Masters.

The UVA college students meet each Sunday after worship with Pastor Viktoria for Bible study. A field trip for lunch is almost always included, a complimentary ministry by St. Mark!

Deeply rooted in our Lutheran heritage is the fact that the Protestant Reformation was formally born out of a university setting in Wittenberg, Germany, in the early 16th century. Martin Luther was a university-based theologian, and his engagement in the academic setting was essential to opening up public debate and discernment on the issues central to the Reformation. Over the years, Lutherans have displayed a deep commitment to ministry in the world of higher education as a place that nurtures an active mind and a curious spirit, and as a critical juncture for Christian faith to interact with the larger global culture.

Our aim at St. Mark is to support students and involve them in a community that can become home away from home.  Campus Ministry is also about:

  • •  Providing pastoral and spiritual support during a campus crisis
  • •  Participating at new student orientation
  • •  Facilitating discussions about faith and student life
  • •  Providing support for LGBTQ students
  • •  Welcoming and caring for international students
  • •  Serving as a chaplain or advisor for at United Ministries at UVA
  • •  Inviting  all students to be part of the community and offering worship opportunities (Ash Wednesday, Thanksgiving celebration, Earth Day observance, National Day of Prayer, etc.)


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