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Because of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 we are very cautious with our worship and meetings at St. Mark. All our business and committee meetings are on Zoom. All in person meetings require masks and physical distancing when inside of the building. We have hybrid worship with communion, so everyone can fully be present at every part of worship. Those attending worship in person are taking a calculated risk of infection. If you have any symptom such as runny nose, temperature or tiredness, please stay home.


The best way to protect yourself from getting seriously ill is:

• 3 doses of Covid-19 vaccine.
• Wear a mask that is N95 or KN95 and cover your nose and mouth.
• Avoid being inside with people.
• Physically distance yourself as far as possible from other people.



Our church believes that science is God’s gift and that we should use all means, including vaccination, to protect ourselves and each other from a deadly virus. That is why we are mandating all employees of St. Mark and all youth group and confirmation participants to be vaccinated or tested weekly by PCR test.


The wonderful thing about mRNA vaccines like the vaccine for Covid-19, is that they are very effective and very safe. It is a technology that has been in the works for a long time, and it is thoroughly tested. Scientists are working on mRNA vaccines that will be effective for all coronaviruses. What’s more, work is being done to use mRNA vaccines for other diseases like malaria, HIV, with several moving into clinical trials.


The pandemic teaches us to look out for each other, be patient, be kind and trust that God is working through people. As a pastor I plead with you to get vaccinated, get your children vaccinated and make decisions based on protecting others. Doctors and nurses are pleading with us to do the same so that patients who don’t have Covid-19 have a place at the hospital.

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